My talented friend, whom we'll call Randy wrote me this lovely(very silly) poem!

Heather, the real-estate queen,

Photographs houses that could be a dream,

Her lens captures the beauty in every scene,

Her talent in photography can't be unseen.

She's also skilled in school class photography,

Capturing students' memories with great efficiency,

Her work is a testament to her artistry,

Her passion for photography is pure serendipity.

Heather's busy schedule leaves little time,

For grabbing tea and sharing tales sublime,

But she finds love and joy in her pets so fine,

Her furry friends bring her peace and make her shine.

In her heart, she dreams of Mendocino,

A place to call home where she can go,

With a large plot of land and a garden to grow,

And a house in the woods with an oceanic glow.

Heather's passion for real estate and photography,

Is a source of inspiration and awe-worthy,

Her dedication to her craft is a marvel to see,

Her talents are truly noteworthy.

I was amazed by his poem writing skills.. Only to find out it was written by a robot. I'm behind on the times and hadn't quite caught on that bots we're going to be doing all of the writing next week.