The longest road trip - part 1

Over the summer we had a trip planned! An epic trip. Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Montana. The kind of trip memories are made on. Could we afford it? Not really. Did we have to bring one of our zoo members to Yellowstone? yep! Did we wake up with a flat tire? Yes! Did we do it and have fun? yes!

We started off our drive and it was so exciting even the desert of Nevada was beautiful in its own way. The first night we planned to sleep at a ghost town in Nevada. We arrived around dusk after running over thousands, hundreds of thousands of mormon crickets. We also camped in the middle of cricket ground zero.. in a truck camper. That night we checked to make sure there were no openings in the camper and opted not to get out. The following morning was another story! Have you ever met a mormon cricket? They are so clumsy! They became a bit endearing when they would hop and fall over or roll down a hill. This is part one of 3 or 4 weeks on the road.. maybe some day I'll tell more about it.. but for now clumsy crickets.

The fellow below isn't upside down... he is hanging from a roof..